Episode Guide

When I click that link at the top of the page, you say, I only see episode titles. What the fuck happens in each of these episodes, you fat monster?

Woah, there's no need for name calling, I say. Here's a brief episode guide to the MitE saga so far:

"SEASON" 1 (2007-08)

1) Bit of a Disaster - Meet Snobberson and some of the crew for the first time as their first big show goes off almost without a hitch, sort of. This episode was actually made later because the original one is simply too short and embarrassing to have out there in the world.

2) RALF - A furry, foul-mouthed, drug-taking alien crashes through the ceiling and becomes the first potential sidekick for Snobberson in the Sidekick Showcase. Things ... do not go well.

3) Labor Problems - The crew goes on strike, a trans-dimensional wizard seeking a magical tome shoots up the theater with magic, and we meet the mice. 

4) Hamateur Night - as the theater is repaired following the magical disaster last time, Snobberson and company decamp to a local cafe and host a number of truly terrible amateurs.

5) The Storybook Plug - There's a cork in the floor and the mice pull it. What comes out? A bewildering array of fictional characters who torment Snobberson as he tries to put on a show with the "help" of the Ghost of Marlon Brando.

6) Brine is Really Just Salt Water - Pirates descend on the show, hijack it, and sail for the horizon! We meet Quimquaff, Squentes, and Tampico the Suspicious Parrot.

7) This Episode Brought to You By - The show needs money, and lots of it! Snobberson sells out to some corporate types and only rotating sidekick Moda (a short, green, wizened wise man) can possibly convince him to cast out the nefarious businesscritters.

8) Take This Show on the Road - Some French fleas infect the mice, and then the show in general, prompting a fumigation. Snobberson gets a wild hair up his rump for the Pacific Northwest, and so the show is converted into a covered wagon and taken on the Trail to Oregon, if you catch my meaning. Also, apparently the sidekick showcase is abandoned.

9) O Holy MitE - Just in time for the holidays, a phantom shitter is loose at the show. Who can it be? With the help of the Black Priest and Igor, famous ghosts are prevailed upon for assistance.

10) Non-Conform With Us -  Jerry acquires a cursed mixtape that slowly but surely turns the crew into hipster zombies, shuffling around in stylish clothes and listening to only the right music. Snobberson receives aid from Voices that Share.

11) High School Musical in the Evening - A stricken Snobberson has a flashback to performing arts high school, where the big competition is coming up and everyone has a song prepared - except a certain pompous butterball who intends to be the M.C.

12) You Know What They Say About Big Feet - Bigfoot mania sweeps the crew, as everyone hunts the mythic beast in hopes of a big payday. But what manner of simian is truly lurking in the shadows?

13) 1d20 (Book I of the Silverdusk Feyblade Marshmallow Sassafras Saga Cycle) - Travel back with us to the days of high fantasy! Snobberson is blown through a Gygaxian Singularity into a sweet kingdom full of elves and dwarves and shit, facing down a mysterious Dark Lord with the help of a psychotic barbarian and a sissy wizard. If you like Dungeons & Dragons, this is full of knowing references. If you don't, it's just confusing.

14) 2d8 (Book II of the Silverdusk Feyblade Marshmallow Sassafras Saga Cycle) - The thrilling conclusion to the previous thing.

15) Rodentcrantz and Gudenstrong are Dead - But what were the mice up to during the adventure of the Silverdusk Feyblade Marshmallow Sassafrass Saga Cycle? They were transformed into goblins and pressed into the Dark Lord's service, looking for a golden MacGuffin.

16) Dirty Politics - Presidential election season! What exciting days! In the run-up to the main event, Music in the Evening invites the candidates to debate live on stage. But the Spirit of Politics gets into everyone, including Mack, who runs for President of the Show.

17) A Haunting for the Holidays - Featuring the triumphant return of the Ghost of Marlon Brando, who, with the Ghost of Jimmy Stewart in tow, comes to Earth at Christmas to haunt Snobberson and face down his arch-rival, the Ghost of Laurence Olivier.

18) BANNED! - The secret lost episode, in which Snobberson's rich sister comes by to clean up the filthy mouths of the crew with a censor beep-producing robot.

"SEASON" 2 (2014-15)

19) Don't Call it a Comeback (Special) - After years of lying around in the gutter, Snobberson is visited by the mysterious Squentes, who prompts him to get the gang back together and restart the show.

20) Late Night Radio - Snobberson hears the siren song of conspiracy theory and becomes aware of all sorts of new shit. And sort of goes crazy.

21) Poon Forr - A strange illness befalls Jerry, who transforms from a semi-sweet teenager to a ravening sex fiend, offending Sadie. He receives some horrible advice from a certain ghost, and it's up to a stranger to explain what's going down.

22) In the Terrible Clutches of the Mole-Men! - Snobberson and company discover Confederate moles living in the basement, and a dispute ensues over who-all exactly owns that lil' ol' theater.

23) Destructive Criticism - An esteemed critic visits Music in the Evening, and his opinion is that it sux. Can Snobberson manage to put on the show while shriveling under a peal of vituperation?

24) The Auteur Theory - Snobberson's nephew Trevor comes by to make a documentary film about Music in the Evening. Snobberson has some helpful ideas. Lots and lots of them. Whether Trevor likes it or not.

25) Itza Mitzvah - Sadie begins to feel she's not Jewish enough and enters the Chattanooga Jew Chew gum-chewing competition to reconnect with her faith.

26) The Aristorats - The Mice inherit $15 million - but only if they're wily enough to keep it. The entire crew turns on each other to win the prize.

27) Cat vs. Mouse - Snobberson, tired of those damn mice, purchases a cat to rip them limb from limb. Can the mice figure a way out of their predicament? Who's throwing such wild parties when no one's looking?

28) A Crisis of Faith - Jesus Christ himself returns to Earth, right on stage at Music in the Evening! Mack has a change of heart. Rufus runs toward Paradise. The audience has pressing questions. And Jesus just wants to hella chillax.

29) Doubles, Bubbles, Moyels, and Trouble - Snobberson is doubled in a transporter accident, a homicidal moyel runs loose at the show, a bubble party is had, and trouble abounds!

30) Snobbersons and Tiaras - Snobberson is kidnapped by a deranged MitE fan who forces him to compete in child beauty pageants. Will Snobberson win Ultimate Grand Supreme?

31) Hamateur Night II - The theater is being painted, so Snobberon and company decamp once again to Crazy Golov's cafe to host an open-mic amateur night.

32) Play Within a Play - The troupe of actors set to put on a play at Music in the Evening fall not-so-mysteriously ill, and it's up to the crew to improvise and act out a fantastic piece of shit. Oh, I'm sorry, a fantastic piece of DRAMA.

33) Satan's Soiree - Lusting after money, Snobberson rents out the theater to a group of Satanists who intend to commune with the devil through a dark ritual. Things get very evil indeed.

34) Sexy Catfight! - Jerry is away counseling summer camp, so MitE hires a new production assistant during his absence. Jenny Balz (rhymes with "Schmaltz") is young, bright, and ambitious. Just how ambitious? Our crew, especially Sadie, is about to find out!

35) Sadie's Boyfriend - Sadie shows up with a handsome new man on her arm - a zookeeper named Stanley. Yes, it's romance among the rhinos, love among the lemurs - but is Stanley really all he appears to be? Snobberson is on the case!

36) The Final Episode - Snobberson is diagnosed with an incurable, terminal disease. Nothing remains but for him to put his affairs in order and put on the last show of his life. It's all over, folks.

"SEASON" 3 (2015-20??)

37) The Sound and the Furries - Members of the fandom (aka "furries") arrive en masse to watch the show. Meanwhile, Col. Bumpkus and the moles reach a breaking point and declare Wah, suh!

38) Cruisin' for Amusin' - The gang goes aboard ship to be the entertainment on a three-week cruise. Certainly no diseases will break out, and nothing will go wrong. Right?

39) The Sharing Economy - In a story ripped from the headlines, Snobberson and company rent out parts of the theater for a little extra scratch in a tight spot. The consequences of subverting the regulated economy are dire ... and just SLIGHTLY exaggerated.

40) Made Mice - Mafiosi rats visit the theater and lead the mice to (more) crime. Will our furry friends take the ultimate step and rub someone out to earn their place in the Family?

41) Fred - This episode's all about Fred. You know, Fred. Fred, the sound guy? Who's been here the entire time and never spoken until now? Yes, it's plausible. Shut up.

42) The People's Republic of Music in the Evening - Gertrude and Olivia lead a liberal takeover of the show and impose a new order based on equality for all - except tyrannical white males like a certain William Q. Snobberson!

43) Sour Krauts - Music in the Evening's unchallenged domination of the city's musical variety scene is ... well, challenged, by a finely-tuned German import hosted by Hans Yodelstrudel. Will Snobberson learn to get along and share nicely? Not bloody likely.

44) Murder in the Evening - A killer bars the doors and stalks his prey in the auditorium. Can Detective Snobberson and company discern his identity before it's too late?

45) A MitEmas Carol - A perfunctory, obligatory retread of Dickens' Christmas classic. I mean, a thrilling tale of a Christmas reckoning unparalleled in all of history!