Saturday, November 7, 2015

Neither rain, nor snow

... Nor presence of baby can stop Music in the Evening! Episode 44 has been released for your listening pleasure, featuring the return of Vorpal Fork, the cheap, crappy band whose heavy riffs and fantasy lyrics may remind you of actual, good band The Sword. Also find therein some wordless music, and some with words. Words about long-haul space trucking!

Oh, the plot? Fiona, Snobberson's rich sister, fires her butler. Shortly afterward, a mysterious killer goes on a rampage throughout the theater. Is there a connection?

May I toot my own horn? I really feel like MitE has been coming together lately. Snappy editing, what I hope are enjoyable plots, jokes that make me laugh, at least. And really, self-pleasure is what it's all about. MitE may have as many listeners as a mangled war veteran has fingers one on hand, but that will never dissuade me from producing them.