Friday, February 6, 2015


Woah, man. Woah. I've been listening to old Music in the Evenings, and boy was there some offensive shit in there. I don't mean to point you at them, but how about those racist voices in episodes 9 and 10? Woof.

Now, I could get all defensive about it. I mean, all I intended was to do some silly voices. But, ouch, Olivia. Trigger words! As Dennis Miller says, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but there's been all this flap lately over Jonathan Chait's piece on political correctness running rampant, and it is quite remarkable how much is less acceptable. I'm not about to make Music in the Evening appropriate for prime-time network TV or anything, but it's definitely a moving target.

I must, I must resist the George Lucas urge to "fix" my earlier episodes. But then there's the fairly serious problem that people will listen to those episodes first, and my God, how I've advanced! I'm drunk with power and completely delusional, of course, but I kind of think the recent episodes work, as TV-comedy-length stories with jokes and music and such. To say nothing of how I'm finally honing in on standardizing the goddamn level of the audio of the voices vs. the songs. Don't get me started on how much it annoys me that that's all over the place in old episodes.

What was I talking about?

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