Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Episode 38!

I have a nice production pipeline going again. (I got yer pipeline right here, toots). It's funny how sometimes, what you plan to be the next episode takes a back seat to what turns out to be the next episode. Just a little showbiz insight for you all.

In episode 38, the crew take a trip aboard a cruise ship to provide the entertainment. Captaining the vessel is Pinkbeard the Former Pirate, who tried to take over the show in episode 6. It's nice to voice an old friend again, and it's also nice not to have to come up with new characters. Marvin the mynah bird, AKA Tampico the parrot, shows up as well. And Pegleg Paul ("His pecker's pure hickory!") is at least alluded to in a song.

This is the first show in a while where I've given the mice a break. And the moles. And the cat. And anyone whose dialog I have to record separately and then speed up, which makes things a little easier.

On that note, I much prefer speeding up the mice's dialog rather than pitch-shifting it. Maybe I don't have the big-bucks pitch shifting software or whatever, but it's so much more natural when it's just sped up. Plus, small things would talk faster, wouldn't they? I mean, their little hearts beat so fast, and they breathe faster than we do, and they live fast and die young and leave beautiful corpses.

Didn't know this blog was going to be so thoughtful, did you?

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