Saturday, May 17, 2014

And we're back. Again. Again.

You may have noticed that Music in the Evening is back in a big way, namely the five (as of this writing) new episodes you may check out at my folder here.

This is great news! Don't ask why Jerry is still 17. But the whole gang is back: Snobberson, Sadie, Mack, Jack, Jerry, Quimquaff, the Mice, Trevor, Fiona, the Ghost of Marlon Brando, Squentes ... it feels great to be back in the saddle again.

In this run of new episodes, I'm trying to raise the bar on both the stories and the music. You may have noticed the new theme, and the general better-ness of the songs. I program the drums rather than playing them live, for example. This means tempos don't wander all over the goddamn map. I've been working on my production techniques too, EQ and compression and saturation plugins and what have you. And the scripts are developed from ideas I've had in place since back in 2008 or 2011. I fleshed them out and spat them upon the earth, spreading my seed like Onan.

Sometimes I like to pretend that lots of people listen to the show, that I'm a small-time legitimate comedy show writer/creator. But that would be delusional. But you know what? I don't care. They make me laugh every time, and when I'm old and senile I hope they're playing on a loop in my modest cell at the retirement home.

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