Sunday, February 6, 2011

And we're back ... again

Ahoy, MitEketeers. What's that, you say? What's MitE? Didn't that guy die? Or, like, go live on a kibbutz to raise Orthodox emus?

Nope. Instead, I bring you news: MitE has a secret lost episode out (lost because much of the script was done "back in the day," but it was never produced) and there will be new MitEs, beginning with a comeback special. The website will be coming back up in a new form, as well. Don't worry, it'll still be created with the bare minimum of HTML knowledge, style, and grace.

A bolder man would strike out into new comedic territory, with new premises, a new collection of characters, a new angle. Well, I'm a Canadian, so not so much with the boldness. Although there are other characters, fantastically popular characters, who have their own creative endeavours in the works.

See? "ou" in endeavours. I told y'all fools I was Canadian.