Friday, March 4, 2011

Stay on target ...

Yes, Porkins, thank you.

Must make songs. Must make songs. Must make songs.

After an almost unprecedented run of sticktoitiveness, I'm looking at more than one completed script and a promise to make new episodes. But Music in the Evening wouldn't be the same without the music, man, and I'm encountering more difficulty in that arena.

I blame the dog. If she weren't waltzing in and out of the house, tracking in redwood needles and shedding like a meteor burning up in orbit, I wouldn't have to be constantly cleaning and thus not noodling and recording.

No, I lie. The real reason is that I've let my standards creep up over the months. I used to dash off some 30-second, one-take piece of shit where the lyrics were just swear words, and that was fun, but when I listen to past episodes I get a little miffed that there's not something nicer to listen to between scenes. Even if I can't bring up a truly professional polish on the surface, things like "Epic Fail" from the lost episode, the Christmas songs from the second Christmas episode, even that song about the lighthouse keeper, are things in which I can take a reasonable amount of pride for a one-man band. Timing irregularities, wavering pitches, flat-out incorrect harmonies - they bother me, but I do acknowledge that it's pretty fuckin' good for someone with almost no musical education.

I need to put the old noggin down and charge into this shit. Then wallow in it! If I'm going to have these quasi-manic-depressive swings in desire for creative output, it's best to harness the old horse up when I can.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go noodle.

(On a musical instrument, not my "noodle.")

Sunday, February 6, 2011

And we're back ... again

Ahoy, MitEketeers. What's that, you say? What's MitE? Didn't that guy die? Or, like, go live on a kibbutz to raise Orthodox emus?

Nope. Instead, I bring you news: MitE has a secret lost episode out (lost because much of the script was done "back in the day," but it was never produced) and there will be new MitEs, beginning with a comeback special. The website will be coming back up in a new form, as well. Don't worry, it'll still be created with the bare minimum of HTML knowledge, style, and grace.

A bolder man would strike out into new comedic territory, with new premises, a new collection of characters, a new angle. Well, I'm a Canadian, so not so much with the boldness. Although there are other characters, fantastically popular characters, who have their own creative endeavours in the works.

See? "ou" in endeavours. I told y'all fools I was Canadian.