Monday, February 2, 2009

Progress Report

The first full day of working on my RPM project has resulted in one track being pretty well laid out. I'll hold off on mastering-phase EQ and limiting until I'm assembling everything toward the end of the month.

Thanks to recently beginning the book Riddley Walker and recently playing Fallout 3 and recently taking in arguments over whether this is The End of Capitalism, I've decided to make a concept album about the survivors of society's collapse. I'm working out a vague storyline, and made a 5 1/2 minute-long song for one of the factions that will emerge "After," which is what I think I may call the album. This song draws on Red King-era Elf Power-style psychedelic chuggy rock, and I have a couple other songs laid out in rudimentary form in my DAW. Uh, that's Digital Audio Workstation for you Normals who don't bother cramming five zillion obscure irrelevant recording terms into your brains because you're busy with things which are actually important.

Anyhoo, I'm certainly having fun and it's keeping me out of trouble. I'm getting slicker and faster in setting up tracks, assigning buses, using effects. The problem is, "album" makes me want to fidget endlessly over every detail, and this is a month-long challenge here, people! I'm just gonna wing it, like Winger winging his wingtips over the wigwam.

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Sydney MacLean said...

I need to do something similar. I keep telling myself I'll make progress on my writing over the weekend, but really I just end up with a handful of good ideas after watching cartoons, documentaries, and playing video games.

I have a resolution to write six issues by the end of the year. Two per month I should be able to manage. I just have a really hard time starting a new project. I know it will get easier when I have a few issues finished and I really start to see what the story is.