Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Only Good Episode is the Next

Hello, I'm back, and in control of my faculties again.

One could describe me as "driven." I've got the high-powered executive job, the Bentley coupe, the carbon fiber cigarette boat, the three wives and twelve beautiful blonde children, the title of Holy Roman Emperor, five thousand houses, a jacuzzi powered by slaves in breechclouts, and shoes with wheels in the heel. I don't take no for an answer and know in my lizard brain that I've got to Self-Actualize my Me Potential if I want to crappe the per diem.

Maybe that's why I'm never satisfied with the NOW. I need the NEXT. Every MitE episode I do is excellent while I'm working on it. But then, soon after completion, it enters this strange gray area where I'm sick of it and can only hear the mistakes, the slips in editing so the timing's off. The music is unbearably sloppy, the scenes are tiresome and hurriedly non-acted, etc. Then, even more strangely, a few months go by and I get a fuzzy, nostalgic feeling about it, as if it were an episode of I Love Lucy.

It's yet another of my inscrutable emotional idiosyncrasies, but it does keep me motivated. Speaking of which, I think I need to attend to a certain script. I'm pretty sure about which I'm going to pluck from the "Workin' on it" puddle and focus seriously on, and I've got songs more or less lined up already. Excelsior!

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Sydney MacLean said...

That's the artistic temperament. We get excited to work on it, but eventually we are just trying to fix all the problems, then we make it and notice all of the problems we never fixed...

Then we forget about, come back to it, and say to ourselves "This isn't quite as bad as I remembered."