Sunday, December 7, 2008


I'm guilty of it myself, but it hurts to be on the other end of it. What is "it?" Podfading. I'm excited by this relatively new medium. Homemade radio! No transmitter tower necessary, non-live so you can listen anytime, the infinite distribution of the internet. We all have a crack at semi-fame!

Except that so many of the feeds I greedily stuffed into my Google Reader have tapered off. Some become more sporadic, some just stop as if the entire cast have all died in a single plane crash a la the Day the Music Died. I react with sorrow.

For example, there's this Dungeons and Dragons podcast (shut up) I listen to, among many others (shut up!). Now this one is actually rather annoying, as it's done by these obnoxious nerd powergamers, who are almost certainly enormously obese, definitely have goatees or the dreaded chinbeard, and one of them ends every sentence with " ... okay?" in a wheedling, rising inflection that reeks of the defensive accumulation of arcane knowledge which marks the mature nerd. I know this condition very well, I assure you. The podcasts dried up a month or two ago, and on message boards devoted to it, the reaction was curious. It was anger and annoyance! Where the hell is my podcast? These n00bs podfaded, might as well erase the forum, etc. I think people haven't quite grasped the concept of the non-professional, spare-time enthusiast in entertainment content delivery. Either that, or we all have a bit of the dark urge to criticize as cruelly and lackadaisically as possible that infects so many Youtube trolls inside us.

That said, I want a new Arby 'n' the Chief, damn it!

P.S. Arby 'n' the Chief is not a podcast, but rather a short video series. It's sort of about Halo, although I have zero interest in Halo, and even thinking about the mouth-breathing 14 year-old wiggas who do like Halo makes me slightly nauseous. I also have never actually played a game of Dungeons and Dragons. And I listen to a bunch of video game podcasts despite not being able to afford any current generation console. Explain that to me and I'll mail you a dollar.

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Sydney MacLean said...

No animal is quite as nasty for no good reason as the fan... except maybe Sarah Palin.

The thing the artist has to keep in mind is that as long as they care enough to complain, you are keeping them interested... and that really is the most important part, believe it or not.