Thursday, December 4, 2008

I sound my barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the internet

I figure it may be a fun experiment to start up a behind-the-scenes type blog about Music in the Evening, my slapdash collection of dick jokes sophisticated foray into comedy writing so that the four thousands of devoted fans can get wind of things I'm considering including in the show, what I think about the characters, and what (if anything) I'm learning about home recording, audio production, and making funny voices. Also, comments can be posted! I don't know enough HTML to hit the broad side of a barn, so don't expect a forum or comments ability to appear on my website anytime soon. There's just this, baby.

The first thing I'll reveal may shock you: There is no actual Myron Yeats. That's right; he's a construct, a figment, a glitch in the Matrix. A cat's paw, if you will. The Mouth of Sauron. Sarah Palin. You get the idea. You may need to sit down awhile. I'll wait.

So consider this blog inaugurated (inblogurated?). I'll cook up some meaty posts posthaste.

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