Friday, December 5, 2008

Genesis, Profanity

For those who don't know, I've been cranking out non-serious musical snippets for years. Despite numerous hard drive failures (or reformattings I brought upon myself by stupidly running some virus or other), I have a CD floating around of collected early work called Various and Sundry by the F.C. Walther Band.

Even before that, in the dim mists of time swirling around the faint afterimage of the 1990's, my friend Dakota and I made a tape called Myron Yeats, which featured humorous songs. Or at least, they were humorous to a couple of teenagers. I wonder how they hold up. One thing I remember is that Dakota felt he used too much chorus, but I think that's forgiveable as it was one of the few features his solid-state Crate amp boasted. Technology has advanced, and now I use too much of everything in his honor.

Music in the Evening was an idea I had to string together a few of my sub-2 minute, nonsensical, error-riddled experiments in the framework of a variety show. Then there were the silly voices I'm incessantly doing, at the top of my lungs, as I walk around the house, which deserve their own post at a later date. As I did the first couple of shows, I thought there would be more  segments like the Professor Frabjabtonium bit in the first episode; these sort of fell by the wayside as the show became (another topic for another post) more of a narrative interspersed by songs about your mother's anus.

Your mother's anus brings me to another way the show has changed as I've thought about it more: the first few episodes contain some really disgusting profanity, and lean heavily on that for (what I hope passes for) humor. As I learned terrifying things like: Adele's parents listened to the show, I began to feel very guilty and immature, and lazy as a "writer," for relying on foul words. Things like The Simpsons, Fawlty Towers, Kath & Kim (the Australian one ONLY, thank you), Home Movies - these are the shows I come back to and which influence me, because it's the characters much more than the filth that make for actual laughs and actual audience affection. Cf. Family Guy, which I initially was very excited about, but grew extremely tired of as it became just a disjointed delivery vehicle for very mean show-biz jokes about how certain celebrities are ugly, or whatever. Meh in the extreme. Now, that doesn't mean I've put aside filth. I have a character in mind who has not yet made an appearance named Tex the Birthing Coach whose catchphrase is ... rather horrid, but I think filth should be the salt, not the beef.

I think about how the characters interact with one another, what kind of comedic business they could get up to based on what sort of business they really would be inclined towards, and though I don't revise much and have not developed any sort of professional sense of writing a real story, I hope the show is more satisfying for attempting to create a skewed little world rather than just saying the word clitoris really loud.

Oh, also a shout out to Syd, whose blog about comics and a colossal story he's planning is not only so interesting that I, someone who gets a headache just looking at a comic book page, read it closely and repeatedly, but also inspired this one. Because hey, there's an awful lot of room on Google's servers, apparently, so it's our duty to try and fill them up. But have you seen hard drive prices lately? I'd better get my typing gloves oiled up.

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Sydney MacLean said...

"Meh in the extreme" is my favorite phrase of the day... granted, it's only 9:30 in the morning.

I hope you don't restrict your cursing too much. One thing I love about MitE is how colorful they get. "Ass-felching Jesus" might be my favorite.