Friday, December 5, 2008

Favorite Songs

I like almost every song as I'm making it, of course, but looking back on the bloated MitE catalog, a few stand out. Actually, two.

"The Ballade of the Light-House Keeper," from episode 7, is the big long 5-minute one with multiple parts. I recorded most of it during a time when my computer was broken, so I was somewhat more limited using a laptop, without my keyboard and various fancy plugin effects I generally use and abuse, though I went back later and added drums.

Phallic Light House
There's the long breakdown/buildup part in the beginning, which is either annoying or kind of neat, depending on your point of view. I also like the slapback delay (that is, a delay of less than 200 milliseconds with no feedback so you only get one echo) on the vocals, which was described as Arcade Fire-y. And hey, they're a good band!

The middle segment, which I informally refer to as "Song of the Sailor Girl," is the high point, I think. The shaker percussion is a bottle of aspirin. I've since moved up to using a pair of egg shakers instead (which, incidentally cost much less than a big bottle of aspirin). And the bass line is that rare feat for me: one that's actually interesting and does its own thing while complementing the other instruments. My usual epic struggle with timing and fretting mistakes is less evident, and the whole thing has a positive ending and a dick joke.

I've been sitting on the song "Now is the Time" for a while, and I'm glad it fit into episode 16. Not only am I satisfied with the production, and almost entirely with the singing (though I cringe every time I hear the backing vocals blunder into the lead on "on top"), but it's actually a comedy song that works on a concept rather than on profanity or just lampooning the conventions of a genre.

Revolutionary Puppy
I like Rage Against the Machine. I don't play them really loud in my car, nor am I at all interested in revolutionary socialism, but their albums are lovely confluences of attitude, subject matter, and style. I also enjoy Belle and Sebastian and Pony Up and the dancier strain of twee represented by, say, Los Campesinos, although they in particular shout an awful lot. So transplanting the vitriol of the furious Zack de la Rocha into the instrumental milieu of the innocuous twee poppers, I have thusly created a Comic Incongruity.

"Bad Rabbit" and "Let Me Rise" and others are up there, sure, but these two stand out for me. Do YOU have a favorite? There is a comments feature you are more than welcome to use.

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Sydney MacLean said...

Your recent D&D song comes to mind. "Don't Be A Cock" has a certain poignant quality that finds relevance in my life quite often. "Fame" is beautifully obnoxious. Come to think of it, I really liked that whole episode.