Saturday, December 6, 2008

Episode 3: The Day MitE Became a Man

I made MitE 1 and 2 one after another, discovered I was taking a shine to it, and got all uppity and grandiose for 3. I wrote a script - 1 and 2 had been ad libbed (obviously, not straight through, but one conversation at a time). I still wanted the tenuous, adversarial relationship between the audience and Snobberson, but wanted more characters around to make things more interesting, and not just an antagonist sidekick like RALF.

Looking back on it, I sure made a lot of characters. Not only do Sadie, the mice, Trevor, Mack, Jack, and Jerry all make their first appearances, but also recurring faux artists like Streetfeld and Tom McGoo too. I also got ambitious with the structure of the show. If I was going to tell a story happening backstage as well as onstage, I had to figure out how to have each going on simultaneously. In retrospect, I tried too hard, because backstage action happens while songs are being sung onstage, muted. In the future I'd shy away from that and just fudge it - though it would explain why Snobberson's audience is so cantankerous if bands finish playing and five minutes pass before Snobberson reemerges.

Speaking of the audience, making this episode was an enormous pain in the ass. I recorded every round of applause, every bit of muttering in the audience, track by track, often long takes minutes on end. It took for-fuckin'-ever, and I'd later develop a lot of shortcuts that let me crank episodes out without getting quite so frustrated. Largely for this reason, episode 4 scaled back on the story and complexity, but the story bug had definitely bitten, and from 5 on, they've all been story-oriented, and I use my main cast frequently. Except Jack. Sorry, Jack.

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Karen Schrock said...

faux artists = fartists?